Padrón Peppers

I could eat my weight in fried Padrón peppers.

We’re always up for new experiences, and having had friends in town from Spain recently, we’ve been thinking about trying more Spanish food – then suddenly at the farmers market, we started seeing these Padrón peppers showing up everywhere. I don’t remember seeing them in previous years, maybe just because we weren’t aware of them as much. These delicious peppers are mainly grown in the Northwest of Spain. They are picked when small, and have a mild flavor (mostly – apparently about 20% are quite spicy), and they are really delicious.

The traditional way of preparing them is simply to fry them at very high heat in olive oil until the skins blister and blacken, and then remove them from the pan and sprinkle them with sea salt. I could eat buckets of them this way. Spicy or not, the flavor is delicious. If you can find them wherever you are at, definitely give them a try!

3 thoughts on “Padrón Peppers

  1. i was recently introduced to these beauties via a fancy (not-so fancy) restaurant that my GFs and I started frequently because is not as *hot*, or maybe we can now afford it.. but we love the service. the waitress mentioned they are mostly from portland and the dish was served with cheese with a touch of salty grains. u can prob still see it in the daily menu here:
    then I thought maybeeeeee u knew them :) this is great, it was immediate love.
    i will see next time we go to our farmers market here if they are found anywhere local. xxom

  2. There used to be a little kind of diner restaurant in downtown Portland called Blue Plate, maybe it was the same people?

    We’ve also had these peppers with a little bit of cotija cheese crumbled on them, along with sea salt, and that was also very delicious. Definitely see if you can find them, as they are *very* easy to prepare, and super tasty.

  3. Oh, nevermind, the Blue Plate here is still open here :D

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