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When we first started this blog, we had intended for it to be more of an exploration of food in Portland – that is, restaurant recommendations, where to get different kinds of foods, markets we liked, etc. What it ended up becoming was more of a way for us to post about things we were cooking ourselves, so we decided a different name would be appropriate to go along with the change in focus.

In thinking about the name, a passage from the book Wisdom of the Sands by Antoine de Saint-Exupery came to mind.

Thus said to me my father: “Constrain them to join in building a tower, and you shall make them like brothers. But if you would have them hate each other, throw food amongst them.”

And he said also: “Let them bring first to me the fruits of their toil; let them pour into my barns the river of their harvest; let them build in me their garner. For I would have them serve my glory when they thresh the wheat, and all around them the golden husks glitter in the sunbeams. Thus, instead of being a drudgery for the getting of bread, their task becomes an anthem. Thus, too, they are less to be pitied when their backs are bowed under the heavy sacks they carry to the mill, or bring back white with flour. Like prayer, the burden on his shoulders magnifies the man. So you may see them proudly smiling when they hold aloft the sheaves, like many-branched candlesticks, the spiked ears darting flashes of gold. For a civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them. True it is that, after the long day’s work, this wheat supplies their food. But this is not the side of things that means most for a man: what nourishes his heart is not what he gets from the wheat, but what he gives to the wheat.

We thought this also applies to the process of cooking – that our bodies are nourished by the food we eat, but the process of making the food, of giving time and effort to it, nourishes us in a whole different way. So, the name of the blog will be “Give to the Wheat”.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m working with a start-up for food bloggers in Oregon called Tabelog (www.tabelog.us). They’re a subsidiary of the largest company in Japan, Tabelog.com (similar to Yelp here in the US).
    We’re bringing their annual restaurant awards to the US that are judged solely by a panel of local food bloggers (all online). The winning restaurants get a framed 2015 award and the food bloggers get an ‘official judge’ icons and related PR for their blog. We’re looking for bloggers from the Oregon area to invite as an official judge. Is this something that you would be interested in? My contact email is awards_oregon@tabelog.us.
    Thanks in advance!

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